Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Seems like years !

well this has been a while.

i havent wrote on this for ages well the past 2 weeks have been good fun hardwork
we started our science coursework last week i did loads of research it was actually quite
fun as i was learning new things and using the internet for more reliable things.
im still in the process of finisning it. well i did my oral exam on friday and i did really good
A* i was happy it was funny because i had to disagree with parts of my group and mr pikens
stopped me and laughed and said "riyhad you got your grade let them do it now" :L
well i did nothing much on saturday or sunday but play some F.E.A.R 2 lol.

Monday - its double games and i got a note as usual me and triston were reffing the games
so competitive with the teams they always argue so immature. well 2nd hour for double games
josh morgan was just going crazy and we also played the movie game ( shabaz triston josh me
jacob ) well i go lunch time to do my science coursework. then we have english and watch other
groups they were all really good and when we head of to class some of the class had doubts
that top set was good and that mrs taylor are rude to middle set she said to "ignore them there
in middle set for a reason" which i found very rude then mr pikens said well i dont think any of them
were as good as riyhad and everyone start clapping i was embarssed :/.  then i head of home.

Tuesday - i had triple design and tech and i can surley say my tables looking really good i done my table
top and also my legs just have to wait to finish it. and den boring history. well i head home and just watch
some t.v sky atlantic not so amazing as dustin hoffman said it will be. just found out salmans getting
a khala berry lol oh yeah a big talk on footty today with torress and andy caroll who is not worth 35 mill
crazy footbal these days. well i saw jessicas blog shes such a 2 faced bitch i would so back hand her if she
was a guy oh yh fogot she says suck my dick so many times i can see the comparisons of her and a man BITCH. well im taking to ella

these days are getting shortter and getting really harder i just hope allah helps me on my way to success
inshallah. gcses getting closer results getting closer birthday getting closer 6th form getting closer

i hope the days i live that allah will grand me paradise

life is amazing when you make it, but when your a muslim you look at life at another prespective

Peace And Love x