Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Seems like years !

well this has been a while.

i havent wrote on this for ages well the past 2 weeks have been good fun hardwork
we started our science coursework last week i did loads of research it was actually quite
fun as i was learning new things and using the internet for more reliable things.
im still in the process of finisning it. well i did my oral exam on friday and i did really good
A* i was happy it was funny because i had to disagree with parts of my group and mr pikens
stopped me and laughed and said "riyhad you got your grade let them do it now" :L
well i did nothing much on saturday or sunday but play some F.E.A.R 2 lol.

Monday - its double games and i got a note as usual me and triston were reffing the games
so competitive with the teams they always argue so immature. well 2nd hour for double games
josh morgan was just going crazy and we also played the movie game ( shabaz triston josh me
jacob ) well i go lunch time to do my science coursework. then we have english and watch other
groups they were all really good and when we head of to class some of the class had doubts
that top set was good and that mrs taylor are rude to middle set she said to "ignore them there
in middle set for a reason" which i found very rude then mr pikens said well i dont think any of them
were as good as riyhad and everyone start clapping i was embarssed :/.  then i head of home.

Tuesday - i had triple design and tech and i can surley say my tables looking really good i done my table
top and also my legs just have to wait to finish it. and den boring history. well i head home and just watch
some t.v sky atlantic not so amazing as dustin hoffman said it will be. just found out salmans getting
a khala berry lol oh yeah a big talk on footty today with torress and andy caroll who is not worth 35 mill
crazy footbal these days. well i saw jessicas blog shes such a 2 faced bitch i would so back hand her if she
was a guy oh yh fogot she says suck my dick so many times i can see the comparisons of her and a man BITCH. well im taking to ella

these days are getting shortter and getting really harder i just hope allah helps me on my way to success
inshallah. gcses getting closer results getting closer birthday getting closer 6th form getting closer

i hope the days i live that allah will grand me paradise

life is amazing when you make it, but when your a muslim you look at life at another prespective

Peace And Love x

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Life - Question Mark

well i made this when i went of into riyhad mode take a read

does life speak out on us as we watch events unreel from there disks.
does each human need a purpose if yes then we should live freely,
if not we should understand our freedom
does ones sleep breakdown upon them
does ones eyes close beneath there shadow
are we all what we expect to be
or are we expect not to be seen in the eyes on an outkast
does the earth rattle every step we take
does the seas run for us
do we make choices or are they there to be made
do we sacrafice our bads to make good
or is sacraficing bad enough to be called good
do we judge or do we demand
do we have rights if yes why are rights wrong
does ones mind anticipate destiny or seek dellusion

and i was listning to this while writing it
please take a listen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbTAInhtHQE

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

3.42 Am 9 hours Sleep Since 6

well i havent been on here for around 5 days but im back its just cause i have been busy doing revision for science. i woke up at 5.58 in the morning washed my face did all the usual things and went downstairs to revise i did loads of revision for science till 8 and i headed off to school. it was bloody freezing took my dads car 10 minutes to get rid of the ice. well we head of to english and i sat next to emmanuel revising more he really has done a lot of revision you can really tell. so mr pikens tells us to head of so we do as so and enter the examination room probablly the most annoying exam ive ever sat i was number 6 and they put me in all ridiclous places you can imagine next to a bloody radiator so im answering away in the exam and my face starts to be turned into auxin getting destroyed so i put my hand up and ask to move back a lady said take your jumper of from what planet is she from by taking my jumper off how is that going to prevent the heat not hitting my face so i move back. then some random idiot start playing the drums and kept on and on and on then a random alarm went off so annoying biolgy was bizzare. well exam over allhamdulliah i was pleased and inshallah i get what i want. well i head of to tutor period salman walks in all depressed but im sure he will still get a good grade ia. head of to break and just chill. we go to statistics mrs morgan waiting for us with the mock results fairly overall we all did really good 50 percent really happy but made sum stupid errors lol. after stats were leaving for lunch time but mr john is kimbo slice not letting anyone pass with out a pass lol. we just waiting till everyone just moved younis got through with musabs card lol. we head of to yans and sit down and talk about 127 hours and then head back to school. were waiting outsidechemistry for mrs williams and rob and lloyd played the touching game rob touched this random lady and lloyd touched the physics teacher mr williams so funny. well we enter and we did a experiment not amazing one but still a experiement after we finish that we go off to mr springall and it was quite loud but i dont think mr springall apreciated the fact we did a lot of work today on science and a break would really help then shouting in our ears. tom jordan evan and even lucas anal raped him nice to see check it out on jamal price facebook page so funny. well after that we walk home and me and nadira crack a little joke even though i hate her so much lol jk shes so funny na jk i hate her. we were verbally abusing each other on facebook and i can happily say that i won. well its me triston haiyen and habbiba walking home talking about family guy, american dad thats all really. well i come home and feel tired watch bit of tv come upstairs tried to watch takers the movie for a 2nd time i failed and went to sleep at 6 and woke up at 3. well school in 4 and half hours ill be back dont you worry. your freindly neigbour <3

Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Big High School Thingy

  1. What is the biggest lie you have ever told? putting my age as 154 on msn loool
  2. What is the most embarresing thing ever happened to you? having to walk through barry island with my scooby doo pants this was when i was young and this was walkin through the fair
  3. What is the biggest mistake you have made? swearing
  4. What is the biggest arguement  you have had? with my teachers but thats when i was a little brat
  5. Who is you biggest enemy now? havent got any but theres people who i dont like for what they do
  6. Who has been your biggest crush? Miss morgan ;)
  7. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? -
  8. What is your most happiest memory? my 7th or 8th birthday when everybody came to my house and i had so much things it was so fun
  9. Who was your closest friend(s) coming into high school? triston always has jordan and rob but i got loads more now - 3 maximum -
  10. Who are your closest friend(s) leaving high school? well i have met loads amazing people such as louise ella pardis yassar salman younis triston i hope we stay close freinds aswell not fogetting the people ive known since babies 
sorry i havent been keeping my blog updated just been revising and so on but i promise ill fill you in will all thats been happening peace and love riyhad <3

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Good Day Hooray!

well todai i woke up and got of to school around ten past 8 get into school and my first lesson is history which i have triple lessons for we sit down and crack on with out evacuation coursework with all that done we take pictures of the eco committee lol me and pardis so funny also at the end of lesson 3 pardis had her new itouch out the one with a camrea and took such funny pictures lmfaoo its amazing. well its lunch time and we head off to the computer room its the Freshie lady well im just sitting in there eating and she tells me to finish it outside i do and after i come back in i eat something else she gave me like 3 warnings till she logged me off so for a second i thought to myself food or computer food or computer naaa food and she logged me off i gave the rest to salman and now he gets logged of and she tries to take it off him but he takes the rest of the food and then gives it saying "now you can throw it in the bin" lmfaoooo such a funny comeback she was offended salman said he was very sorry lmao. well we head of to mrs whites room where we revised science for our upcoming module exam. next i had designing and tech and finally we crack on with our designing of the product mrs durrent did a potrait of my table looked amazing so i measure out all the measurements on the plywood and finish up for the day. but we had to stay in like a bit longer as some idiot spilt glue (zia) and couldnt own up for it but we all knew it was zia so after leaving i walk home with zain yep the one who chucks up his middle finger everytime hes annoyed loool. well im back home and im almost falling asleep so i head of to my room and start playing football manager got beaten twice but also i won twice good record for a freindly well i have revision to do and am going downstairs to do it and ill leace you with the picture of me and pardis ;) peace and love riyhad

Monday, 10 January 2011

A* life is looking good

well i just had double art and was painting my sculpture which is the joker i have a lot to say about my sculpture firstly i really worked so hard on it as it is only 10 marks i still worked hard on it i done the head twice also the hair for it i painted the waistcoat green and shirt blue there dry and ready to be put the hair was the most fun as it was really designing the sculpture well i was mixing a couple of greens and i get a right colour and start painting it with shades of green i was using a little stick so it took me double lesson even though i wasn't finished so ima have to take another double lesson to finish it inshallah. well i go off to a snag meeting with my new big art filecase the meetings in the lrc i elect myself to be the secetary of snag and matthew waite elects himself as chair not unusual for him. well the meeting goes through break time and im jotting down some ideas the bell to indicate breaks finished goes off and we head of for physics mr birt was so slow today but gets everything done he was repeating what he said last time we did a mock but were used to it now so no diffrence to us anyway. jamal comes in late and i just act weird with him as hes weird back i tell him to make werid noises everytime i change a page he was lol hes crazy. well after we finish we mark up and i got an A* shows im revising and working to the standard that needs to be done to get that all and important good grade well now im in a computer room with salman younis and yassar i just eat lunch and now writing this blog and telling how younis is a TWAT and no body wants his advice and also watching salman take 1000 hours on making a title for a blog but hes underaway now so we will see if he writes anything good doubt it lol. ajhar and yasseen come into the room and ajhar gives me pro manager 2008 what a gangster its a football game where you manager your own team which is really good and also ive read salmans blog it was terrible do not read his blog its rubbish he deleted it and i told him to just delete it cause he cant type to save his life lol well i obviously want him to have it but he just needs to write like he enjoys it because he writes like he cant be bothered. i got statistics next just be chilling and also be chilling for donny boy pse well more to be told later peace and love riyhad. wink wink ;)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hormones Bad & Good

today i woke up and i wasnt in the best of moods i was just annoyed i got woken up early and was having a strop for the whole morning i have no idea why but i just was well i eat up and go off to ajhars around 1.40 to revise but at first we did a working out regime on some weights he does to much i swear but his body is huge. well i eat some food with the mandems really tasty as usual. well we go back to the living room and start playing mafia 2 on the ps3 apprantly i was using gay colours on a car i was designing looool. well we stop playing it and play a bit of resident evil 5 then after that i finally start revising with ajhar for physics the questions were farley resonable as they went in order as they did in the book. well i leave ajhars house as hes playing this ridicolous laugh on youtube and go home. i go upstairs and started to watch hustle as i have missed it. it has just finished it was amazing! such a amazing ending cant wait till next weeks well i have been speaking to salman bout how he should improve his blogger and not just talk bout pizzas brought by his dad and now speaking to ajhar yassar and salman well its back to school tommorow hope everything shall be fine for days to come till the science exam should put more up tomoz peace and love riyhad x