Saturday, 22 January 2011

Life - Question Mark

well i made this when i went of into riyhad mode take a read

does life speak out on us as we watch events unreel from there disks.
does each human need a purpose if yes then we should live freely,
if not we should understand our freedom
does ones sleep breakdown upon them
does ones eyes close beneath there shadow
are we all what we expect to be
or are we expect not to be seen in the eyes on an outkast
does the earth rattle every step we take
does the seas run for us
do we make choices or are they there to be made
do we sacrafice our bads to make good
or is sacraficing bad enough to be called good
do we judge or do we demand
do we have rights if yes why are rights wrong
does ones mind anticipate destiny or seek dellusion

and i was listning to this while writing it
please take a listen

1 comment:

  1. Thats very interesting questions you ask Riyhad... :)