Wednesday, 19 January 2011

3.42 Am 9 hours Sleep Since 6

well i havent been on here for around 5 days but im back its just cause i have been busy doing revision for science. i woke up at 5.58 in the morning washed my face did all the usual things and went downstairs to revise i did loads of revision for science till 8 and i headed off to school. it was bloody freezing took my dads car 10 minutes to get rid of the ice. well we head of to english and i sat next to emmanuel revising more he really has done a lot of revision you can really tell. so mr pikens tells us to head of so we do as so and enter the examination room probablly the most annoying exam ive ever sat i was number 6 and they put me in all ridiclous places you can imagine next to a bloody radiator so im answering away in the exam and my face starts to be turned into auxin getting destroyed so i put my hand up and ask to move back a lady said take your jumper of from what planet is she from by taking my jumper off how is that going to prevent the heat not hitting my face so i move back. then some random idiot start playing the drums and kept on and on and on then a random alarm went off so annoying biolgy was bizzare. well exam over allhamdulliah i was pleased and inshallah i get what i want. well i head of to tutor period salman walks in all depressed but im sure he will still get a good grade ia. head of to break and just chill. we go to statistics mrs morgan waiting for us with the mock results fairly overall we all did really good 50 percent really happy but made sum stupid errors lol. after stats were leaving for lunch time but mr john is kimbo slice not letting anyone pass with out a pass lol. we just waiting till everyone just moved younis got through with musabs card lol. we head of to yans and sit down and talk about 127 hours and then head back to school. were waiting outsidechemistry for mrs williams and rob and lloyd played the touching game rob touched this random lady and lloyd touched the physics teacher mr williams so funny. well we enter and we did a experiment not amazing one but still a experiement after we finish that we go off to mr springall and it was quite loud but i dont think mr springall apreciated the fact we did a lot of work today on science and a break would really help then shouting in our ears. tom jordan evan and even lucas anal raped him nice to see check it out on jamal price facebook page so funny. well after that we walk home and me and nadira crack a little joke even though i hate her so much lol jk shes so funny na jk i hate her. we were verbally abusing each other on facebook and i can happily say that i won. well its me triston haiyen and habbiba walking home talking about family guy, american dad thats all really. well i come home and feel tired watch bit of tv come upstairs tried to watch takers the movie for a 2nd time i failed and went to sleep at 6 and woke up at 3. well school in 4 and half hours ill be back dont you worry. your freindly neigbour <3

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