Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hormones Bad & Good

today i woke up and i wasnt in the best of moods i was just annoyed i got woken up early and was having a strop for the whole morning i have no idea why but i just was well i eat up and go off to ajhars around 1.40 to revise but at first we did a working out regime on some weights he does to much i swear but his body is huge. well i eat some food with the mandems really tasty as usual. well we go back to the living room and start playing mafia 2 on the ps3 apprantly i was using gay colours on a car i was designing looool. well we stop playing it and play a bit of resident evil 5 then after that i finally start revising with ajhar for physics the questions were farley resonable as they went in order as they did in the book. well i leave ajhars house as hes playing this ridicolous laugh on youtube and go home. i go upstairs and started to watch hustle as i have missed it. it has just finished it was amazing! such a amazing ending cant wait till next weeks well i have been speaking to salman bout how he should improve his blogger and not just talk bout pizzas brought by his dad and now speaking to ajhar yassar and salman well its back to school tommorow hope everything shall be fine for days to come till the science exam should put more up tomoz peace and love riyhad x

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