Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mocks almost over :D

i can smell the bitter taste of the end of the mocks but i can smell the burning fire of the module one science exam which inshallah i do good in. Well im guessing your wanting to know how the welsh exam was well it was absoloutly SHITE! i had no idea only a bit to what to do and did it not much though the bitchy vigilator who i bloody hate in each lesson she supplies us for such a arrogant selfish cunt licking bitch telling me not to look back i quote " i will have to write a written report " doesnt bother me cause i know she was chatting shit cause you dont do written reports on mocks and who will she end up giving it to stupid cow mr ghanis evan better then that muppet. Ah well went home an hour early needed an hour rest to be honest quite happy with that came home watched some dikinson real deal ITS GOOD OKAI ! then i go into my room and it looked amazing and clean when i make the effort to but my mum did and on the table was a kinda bueno undoubtedly the best chochlate ever made such a good day after returning home not school obviously well i start chatting with yassar and so on louise nagging me bout her dog and her pictures lol :L. Well hope to speak to you tommorow and tell you about my mocks then i have I.T and also R.E wish me luck love you wastenans riyhad x

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