Monday, 10 January 2011

A* life is looking good

well i just had double art and was painting my sculpture which is the joker i have a lot to say about my sculpture firstly i really worked so hard on it as it is only 10 marks i still worked hard on it i done the head twice also the hair for it i painted the waistcoat green and shirt blue there dry and ready to be put the hair was the most fun as it was really designing the sculpture well i was mixing a couple of greens and i get a right colour and start painting it with shades of green i was using a little stick so it took me double lesson even though i wasn't finished so ima have to take another double lesson to finish it inshallah. well i go off to a snag meeting with my new big art filecase the meetings in the lrc i elect myself to be the secetary of snag and matthew waite elects himself as chair not unusual for him. well the meeting goes through break time and im jotting down some ideas the bell to indicate breaks finished goes off and we head of for physics mr birt was so slow today but gets everything done he was repeating what he said last time we did a mock but were used to it now so no diffrence to us anyway. jamal comes in late and i just act weird with him as hes weird back i tell him to make werid noises everytime i change a page he was lol hes crazy. well after we finish we mark up and i got an A* shows im revising and working to the standard that needs to be done to get that all and important good grade well now im in a computer room with salman younis and yassar i just eat lunch and now writing this blog and telling how younis is a TWAT and no body wants his advice and also watching salman take 1000 hours on making a title for a blog but hes underaway now so we will see if he writes anything good doubt it lol. ajhar and yasseen come into the room and ajhar gives me pro manager 2008 what a gangster its a football game where you manager your own team which is really good and also ive read salmans blog it was terrible do not read his blog its rubbish he deleted it and i told him to just delete it cause he cant type to save his life lol well i obviously want him to have it but he just needs to write like he enjoys it because he writes like he cant be bothered. i got statistics next just be chilling and also be chilling for donny boy pse well more to be told later peace and love riyhad. wink wink ;)

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