Saturday, 8 January 2011

The day is young

saturday and the days brilliant i wake up early eyes go grey out and im trying to vision my sight trying to not fall over as i walk lol. well i go downstairs eat some toast and turn on the tv and there was yassars football team arsenal who were getting walked over well i head upstairs watch the game in my room while on the net. my dad intrudes my room and says were going work at 3 i dont mind as i can revise because my house is a huge distraction so its 3 and we head off and im doing some revision plus working to. i eat a lot but it was all nice i massaged my uncles back which i mostly do well its gone quiet so we wrap it up and head of home. we come home i run to my room get into my pjs dont like that word lets say bed cloths and eat a kinda bueno only one from the pack though and am talking to ajhar and yassar while roaming down facebook overall a good day and hope for better days to come peace and love riyhad x

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