Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wednesday 5th 2011 Mocks :/

Well i wake up at 6.30 with my mobile phone alarm ringing with the tune of busy signal. I look at the picture of a bell (alarm) on my phone and think should i have an extra hours sleep so i do thinking i need some energy for the pointless exams foward so i go back to sleep. My sister walks into the room as she opens the door which creates a vibration on my bed as it hits it. She does it everyday annoys the heck out of me. So its 7.59 i wake up put my warm slippers on. I head over to the bathroom shouting downstairs to my sister to make me a tea and my dad goes "what" because he thought i was talkin to him while he was in bed lol hes such a character. I wash my face wipe it and head down stairs i drink up my sisters tea because she makes it best out of all of us. My dad gets up and gets ready to take us to school im suprised he never wore stupid shows as yesterday he wore my sisters Ecko trainers made me laugh so much he wears what ever shoe is infront of him when taking us to school LMAO!. Get to school as the day looks so dark pissing down!
I meet up with emmanuel and yassar. Emman wishes me good luck for english as i do back to him with the normal gay hugs we give each other. I head of with yassa into the school to see what seat we got number 69 for me how gay or bi or straight. Well i walk up the stairs and enter the hall as mr ghani or as i like to call him the GHANIAN SOLIDER. Exam done with hand is wrecked and i hate getting my bag at the end of it such hard work. Head of to tutor and end up in mr springells class as his class was in ours. we leave for break time as its still pissing down and me using my scarf as a protection sheild from the rain quick improvisation thats me ;). Head under the shelter asking people what they did in the exam and how they got on mix reviews. Go to statistics and what a jollly time we had accept the fact rob was in my seat. DUN DUN DUHHH! i said something to pardis which ella took offence to but people just dont understand me :*(. Well i got to stop swearing really does become unpleasent and no point in using it but its just a mental term used in relasing anger or akwardness. After stats me yassa and salman head off to homework room where we did jack revision in I.T salmanda got kicked out by miss i have something on my chin can you check please dodd
she saw him on games once and told him to get out she walks out the classroom salman goes back on it and she comes up in his face im sitting next to him holding in my laugh while bitchy wainwright says thank you miss like what the hell its your job you smelly cow dont thank her. Well as salman was leaving we were to as he is our freind we head of to the lrc glancing at our statistics room and seat we head of to the lrc finding agnese louise rose pardis and i dont know who else so sorry. we start chatting as we usually do then i take a look in pardis revision guide gosh does she do a lot lol. As my mandems were eating donny boy walks in and kicks out salman twice in once day salman has been violated ah well its salman who cares lool just kidding. Ella pops along as she usually does we say hello and she says hello. Louise gets kicked out of the lrc for having soup that was so funny her face haha and her stroppy walk lmfao got to love louise. Well we head of the exam and get ready as the ghani tells us when to begin well i finished in an hour and got bored. We get taken out at 3.10 and me and yassa walk home after i get home i sit down and watch some pointless, daily cooks challenge and dikinsons real deal then at 5 the chase i like watching question game shows helps me booost my general knowledge and feel smart for answering some of them to. I went through ellas blog and really liked it and thats what made me want to make my own. Gosh its been tough writing this but has been good well lots of love Riyadh x

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  1. MY STROPY WALK????? :D I don't have a stroppy walk xD. Nice blog riyhad, i like it i do :) make sure you always write in it tho!!! :D x