Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Good Day Hooray!

well todai i woke up and got of to school around ten past 8 get into school and my first lesson is history which i have triple lessons for we sit down and crack on with out evacuation coursework with all that done we take pictures of the eco committee lol me and pardis so funny also at the end of lesson 3 pardis had her new itouch out the one with a camrea and took such funny pictures lmfaoo its amazing. well its lunch time and we head off to the computer room its the Freshie lady well im just sitting in there eating and she tells me to finish it outside i do and after i come back in i eat something else she gave me like 3 warnings till she logged me off so for a second i thought to myself food or computer food or computer naaa food and she logged me off i gave the rest to salman and now he gets logged of and she tries to take it off him but he takes the rest of the food and then gives it saying "now you can throw it in the bin" lmfaoooo such a funny comeback she was offended salman said he was very sorry lmao. well we head of to mrs whites room where we revised science for our upcoming module exam. next i had designing and tech and finally we crack on with our designing of the product mrs durrent did a potrait of my table looked amazing so i measure out all the measurements on the plywood and finish up for the day. but we had to stay in like a bit longer as some idiot spilt glue (zia) and couldnt own up for it but we all knew it was zia so after leaving i walk home with zain yep the one who chucks up his middle finger everytime hes annoyed loool. well im back home and im almost falling asleep so i head of to my room and start playing football manager got beaten twice but also i won twice good record for a freindly well i have revision to do and am going downstairs to do it and ill leace you with the picture of me and pardis ;) peace and love riyhad

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  1. Oh My Riyhad you look f**king hillarious :D very interest day ':)