Friday, 7 January 2011

Mocks over finally ! :)

Yay today the mocks are over very happy my hand has been aching. Well i woke up came into school rushing through the i.t revision guide i went into school to see my seat so we were in the gym the exam was really okai as it was mostly common sense. lol the chinese lady thankin us for our corperation lmao like she gives a crap though. so i head over to tutor and my homie triston is back as most people got swine flu we chilled till break time. bell rings and we go out for break wanting to chill and then theres balls flying everywhere really annoying we then go to 3rd lesson which was i,t and sir says to revise what ever so me younis yassa and salman revised science. i asked younis a simple question and he couldnt answer it what a bloody idiot and neigther could salman so i hit him as he took my key necklace lol only a slap okai im not a bully lool but we made up. its lunch time and we head over to room 36 and im writing something on my blog when suddenly my computer gets locked i look at the teacher and its lee francais and wainwright i said what you doing and wainwright said reading your blog i said ur not aloud to do that i can report you lee goes go on then. i jus went really really angry and told him to log me off coz im bout to leave his room as he really pissed me off so now hes raising his voice at me i didnt accept it that dick should just get lost so i told him did i write anything about u but u have the cheek to read my stuff watch when i report you and wainwright was scared as hell cause she knew i was serious they couldnt say jack really did destroy my mood badley. we left to go to another computer room and den i couldnt log in that prick fockaince (which i will call him now) never logged me off so i rush back in there as angry as and shout out WHY AM I STILL LOGGED ON she didnt look at me as she knew i was serious den i barge past her after i log off such a bitch and fockaince to. so we go off to our re exam salman and me were upper hall and younis yassa were in gym. when we went inside the exam hall i found out my mandems were around me triston on the left hand side rob behind and salman was behind triston re exam was easy 4 question and i did them. so we leave an hour early again would love to leave an hour early most day but we cant so ah well lol. i start walkin home with triston salman yassa and the cutey pardis t dawg was on a mad hype as he was singing go to sleep bitch by eminem then i told a random story to pardis about a man called gamboobu and a girl caled pardis just made it up on the spot it was a battle for who gets katy perry vip tickits even though it was shit she still chuckled its so cute lol. well its raining tristons randomly disspeared of and we say good bye to pardis. we sit in dominos for 15 minutes lookin at a menu when we never wanted nothing so we just go to subway and buy a sub so nice having one after like 384389 years you get me slap chop bambaclat if you havent seen the video look down below its soo funny. well salman wanted a cup for his meal and he couldnt understand da police guy me and yassa were laughing so much haha. well we ate and then went home. i come home soakin a bit but it was fine walking home i go upstairs and my mum gives me another 3 pack kinda beuno she knows me to much such an amazingg choclate. well i just watched the chase trying to increase my general knowledge answered bout 25 to 30 question quite happy and hustle will be on late bbc 1 at 9 i love it its like ocean 11 and that but better well im off now be back soon to write more about my life take care love you na joke no homo ;) riyhad